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Mickael Gesland, FRA, #128


Thank you very very much for this week-end. It's an amazing race !!!!! I would back in 2017 !!!!!

And now this is my story at the Austria eXtreme Triathlon :

The adventure begins in November with the favorable outcome of the lottery. So I am one of the lucky 125 who will be able to go to challenge this course (3.8km nat river, 186km bike with 3800m d + and 44km trail with 2000m +), always with my trusty Supporter Oliv '!!!!!

Never change a winning binomial !!!!!!

Departs Thursday late afternoon for the first 500 km and Friday for 500 others.

We arrive there in the early afternoon. 16h to briefing so you're off ......

Bibs check, check briefing, towards the river as they announced at the briefing a strong current, have ale ale (nat is 2000m and 1800m with current against current) ....... it looks to move but that'll do it, anyway we have no choice .............

Small pizza night and in bed for departure at 4:30, the alarm will sting ....... 

2:20 lifted a small dej quietly swallowed then towards the start. We team as can be to resist the cold because the water is 14 (in neoprene coat, hood slipper) ........ 3,2,1 and go ..... .the first 2000 meters are swallowed in less than two, this current impressive but not ignite because now it is the ascent to the exit. 1800m against the current ... it stings the final 1:00 I go in about 45 / 50th the top, never done as well (thank you current) .... quiet transition with Oliv 'then we go for the 186km of bike through the Austrian mountains as beautiful as each other ....

relatively flat bike until early 45th km where you attack the first pass (about 8km / 10km), it goes soft, legs moderately meet today .... you get up there and surprise Oliv 'told me you es 10th ...... I think not ......... after a good short descent towards the second difficulty, another small pass 4km but with a false flat 25km in approach and amount headwind !!!!!

The climb is always going as well as downhill and still clinging to my 10th, finally we made it.

Now the 3rd neck with km160 Sölkpass, a 14km-neck with the last 6 to 12% ..... ale ale ever !!!!!! We arrive somehow at the top then it rocking and steering the bike park just down the descent of the pass.

I arrived at the park now 15th. Change of holding small snack with my support, then I'm leaving for the last 44 km that looks terrible !!!!!! it goes down

then hop to start a big RAIDar a small km, I go quietly walking uphill (not run because too steep) then fried a small 10km / h. Hopefully, my buddy is always there when you need it done a great job !!!!! All goes well until the 15th km ....... because from that time, engine failure ...... heat, too fast bike or another I do not know .... the only thing I know is that from this moment it will be very very long ........... Oliv 'always there to refuel also serves as my alarm clock because I decided to make me 2 microphones naps (2 'and 5'). And off it goes again but still walking. The advance km progressing slowly but still is the most important. km28 is when Oliv 'must begin to accompany me to rally the finish line !!!!!! Ups, downs, I go through all states, zombie, euphoric ..... I keep telling Oliv ': WE DO NOT STOP WHEN IS TIRED BUT ONLY WHEN THE RACE IS OVER! !!!! This little phrase will push us to the end.

To boost, I think of all those people who helped me for this race, I can not and I must not let go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After one last huge climb, the descent begins with 2 crossings firn, too class in the month June We hear the bells of the finish line approaching, we see the banners and that's it we pass this p ...... line, greeted as heroes from 1st to last finisher !!!!!! !

YYYEEESSSS that's it, finally there is !!!!!!!!!! After an ordeal course, I'm finisher my second tri Xtreme !!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy but .......

In the end I finished in 5:15 p.m. 49/71 finishers about 2 hours beyond my expectations (hence but .....), 54 dropouts still !!!!!!!

I again thank Oliv 'then think of all this prepa and to all those who thought of me that day. Thank you for all your messages or other !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recycling ...... now and can be appointment in 2017 (if the lottery still smiled at me) because I loved this beautiful and very difficult race ..... and of course always with my trusty Supporter Oliv '!! !!!!!!!!!!

Again thank you to my darling, my kitties and all contributors who have believed in this project !!!!!!!! And of course a last merciiii to Oliv 'without whom this adventure would not be possible !!!!!!!!!


Mickael (128)


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