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Jens Gadgaard, DEN, #20

Austria eXtreme Triathlon 2016 

Will start by saying "FUK janteloven" I'm fucking go ', I am perhaps the best, no one beside me, no one above, to achieve the ultimate despite I have been MEGA overweight ... ... it is total high when the goal is reached. 

Maybe it's not me that is so-go, more on that later! 

In the past, years ago, I had a dream that could that could implement something wild, something extreme, the problem was simply that I was great, mega great, in fact I weighed well the 55 kg too much as I've thrown. I think it was way cool to be able to run an Ironman or for that matter "just" one triathlon ... they people were created by something special, they could something which I certainly could not, first of all, I could not swim, I was fucking scared of the water ... .When I was in Switzerland in 2015 and knew I was going into this fight dangerous water, I was afraid we had a prøvesvøm day before, I was the last one was in, the water was fucking dangerous , almost 400 meters deep. 

So I stand here and have conducted perhaps the world's toughest at Ironman distance (3800m 187km 48km), now I'm one of those who wanted more than a marathon, more than one Ironman, I wanted to prove just because you've been mega obese, then you can, even if you "need" is a completely different matter. I'm so cool, I may well have done some work, but tough, I have not done anything others would not be able to do, so who is the cool in this? 

Not always things go as we would like, there is no doubt that Swissman should have been my extreme tri on the "whole" distance, so it should just be and how it will not, I got a blow to the head and no matter how well prepared I was, it was not good enough ... ..I could not hold for one defect after another. Swissman gave me in return a lot of experience, it gave the whole team a lot of experience and learning. Well, yes, a PR on the 3.8 km swimming ~ 1 hour and 4 minutes :-) 

Vumb (Winter ultra Mols Mountains), I completed despite after about 15 kilometers angry about, okay, there was also only 67 km run yet, it made the hair on the chest, a "must" run for runners ... .about I will attend again, awaiting the right Thomas if he is MAN for it again (I think he is). Regardless, it was Vumb a MEGA fat years, which were used for a great preparation. Think also Vumb can help to do the desire marathon comes a little in the shade of this amazing ultramarathon, to get completely under nature, a completely sovereign experience. 

½ IM in Haderslev, 4 weeks before Austria was an amazing experience, I would use it to mark the shape of where I was. My recorded time was 5 hours and 56 minutes, the real was 15 minutes faster then when you come into the goal and the feeling of being able more, was a really good feeling, a super preparation. If you are thinking of running a tri competition, then Haderslev a good bet for a good experience. Most importantly, in Haderslev, my fear of water knocked not a single time, thank you :-) Shit I would have given gas in Haderslev, the shape was there but I was afraid of the negative effect on the Austrians trip. 

Training up to: 

I am great privileged, right outside my door where I live right next to God's free nature with forest and beach especially the beach was my great workout buddy this year, it gave the "mountain training" I do not have here in the area, super fat preparation , those who followed the training up to, have seen one picture after another, with my mountain bike on the beach. A small tweaks here if you do not think it's hard to run on the beach in Western Jutland, take the ride north of Henne :-) VERY close to my residence, located Blåvandshuk sports center, a super cool and modern center, where almost the same things are Available from swimming to fitness. 

I chose this year to run a model called 3-1, ie 3 tougher weeks and one week in low gear when the body is allowed to recover in the fourth week. For me, this worked perfectly, could easily mark in the third week, the body screamed at break, fantastic hard! 

Ten quick to reach his goal: 

Keep up recovery, increase with max 5% of the week at your disciplines rain backwards. 

REMEMBER refund every week. 

Train your weak side (s) the most. 

Structure should almost stand on each line! 

Swimming, it is probably the most difficult part in the training, learn crawl and learn it right. 

Cycling, have put some items into, distance, interval refund. 

Running, use the same elements from the bike, get in terms of running style, find the shoe that fits you. 

Test the different things, test it many times. 

Do not forget the core training, confuse it with weightlifting, go possibly in a fitness center, getting the right exercises to your workout, reverse plenty of core exercises can be done at home and in the woods. If the person you go to the mall, do not ask you what you need training for and just instruct, then YOU are gone wrong! 

Because one says it, it works, it's him, it works for, hence it is not sure it works for you. Do what works for you, making your experience! 

I have had a trainer? 

No, not as such, my old swim coach Dan L. has kept me in check, made sure my swim training was more crisp ....... "Jens, now swims you for real swimming programs" and I must love because it was hard, harder than last year, more crack at longer distances at each workout. 

By bike part I have saved a lot with Tommy from Parkvej cycling, how should we approach things, how was the bike set up, gearing, wheels, and not least the brakes ... that's his Kado, forced me on the beach on my MTB "Jens I'm fucking care if you wear a cassette into the week at the beach, it's out there it happens, "Goddamn it, where I have driven many kilometers on the beach, great many lonely journeys, mind, well what thoughts it went to trample on the soft sand, you get nothing given, even tailwind is almost inconsequential. Core training has been very much inspired by Craig, so the network was the big sparring here. Running, I have had the world's best running mate, myself, I use run a lot of mental training, especially on the really tough tours, each time the body says no, move the limit by continuing even hurts to go on and on ... ..I may well have had many conversations with myself if need :-) 

Austria extreme 

3.8 km swimming in ice-cold water and counterflow. I knew more was needed than just swimming to a Ironman, the situation is more extreme than what you normally point lies in a Ironman, the plan was completed and I have been swimming for some great applications from Dan L. (thanks to Dan, one at the 3800 meters on 64 minutes). That you should turn out later to give me a per 62 minutes in the 3800 meters was absolutely fantastic. 

The start was launched at 0430, it was dark and the power was not just wild, but almost insane. Why I was last at the start, probably because the participants wanted to fight for a start. What was lost in the beginning, was quickly brought, one after the other, a super great feeling, especially when one pulse on this part was almost ridiculously low. Out of the water, the team was ready and everything played Max, whauu it was cool, so a quick change to the bike. 

187 km Button and 4000 altitude meters. 

I think I was overtaken by roughly 10 pieces to start with, I had chosen a conservative start, low heart rate and low speed around the 32. It turned out to be really, when we were up for the first time, we met again several of us . It was also here my stomach problems begin to knock on, one vomit after another fat. The temperature was starting to knock on and we ended up on most of the day at around 33 degrees, the water splashed out of the body, sweat sweat sweat. The descent, was quite ok, not the wild yet. 

Next climb, a little shorter than for those of who knows Furka in Switzerland, now came rates, damn it went to heaven, especially when you are an old obese man. The body had to show what I had built in the past year, in addition to vomiting, then kicked the ass, the pulse was with me and the top was reached. Now came also a descent, which was technically difficult, one hårdnål after another mixed with 14%, nicely much speed. 

Third ascent, beyond vomit, so I start to get cramps, but the ramp was not a game, it remained below 10% and was short, think about 7km. The descent was not the wild, soon proved that it just made a quick arrival to HELL, 18 km of steadily increasing rates .... Whether it be measured? When the pulse is on the other side of 92% and the increase say 17%, vomit that pisses out of his mouth and cramps are just pouring in. The cramps did so that bike shoes were to go shoe. The increase was driven in thunder and lightning, well, 33 degrees, you have an idea of how it is? 

The descent, yes descent, fuk it was cool, mega tough needles and warning of 17% and in the rain .... Tommy was instructed to keep the car well ahead of me, so I could see the route when so managed and your speed when on the other side of 90 km per hour, then you become sku high, well 20km in this way, fedddddddt . 

44 km race and 2000 meters of altitude, which was for 48 kilometers and the finish line. 

Following the change, we had to cross a mega high dam and there was a long way down, especially for Mr. acrophobia, Thomas got moved my focus and we came quickly. From here we were shown around the Austria insanity beautiful scenery, with one waterfall after another. 

I fought ecstatic with stomach cramps and spasms, Thomas kept me going, great. 

At first cutoff 27km we came to the limit and was allowed to continue for 40 km, the trip there was hard, it was starting to go to HELL again, 2 km before, 40 we met two Austrian who wandered around, we had profits enough to help them and get them to the 40 where they got off. Our luck was that, due to our help, we were allowed to continue. 

Scene Change, hell was loose and I mean hell. 23-24% the last kilometer up and saw overlook an arrow that made the trip was somewhat longer. Not only that, Thomas was struck, ill, sick the hard way .... One of my comments in the rain as he lay on the ground "it is this way we must finish on", damn you did not look good, so sorry .... You were tough and got up, hit yet focused, thank you. 

We reached the summit and met last checkpoint, fuk a joy, 800meter back down the mountain, which was very different, we would cross and run on two glaciers, whauu. The finish could be seen and especially heard, shut up a party. 

The finish line 

100 meters, cow bells are played, a noise, a few stair steps, lots of people, party, his wife in sight, his companion at the finish line, his companion beside him. Austria extreme triathlon completed, lifting belt to finish, did I was happy the rain, the towers whipped out, redemption was complete and can hardly be described in words, may well only be labeled innermost inside. Going to the knee on the right side of the finish line, it was extreme. 


Thanks to you who have followed the project here on facebook, amazing that i have helped to spread the word, thanks for having helped to highlight the overweight. 

Thanks to our sponsors, without your support, this was not possible, it costs money to keep such a train running, a lot of money, therefore I am you deep grateful. 

Blåvandshuk sports center 

Parkvej cycling 

Bl stainless mounting 

Bagerhuset vejers 


Pharma north 

VJ Rørteknik 

RE Electrical Technology 

Jyske media 

Alko print 


Thanks to my allere closest friends, because of the understanding that I take things to the extreme and overrides the time we could have had together. 

A special and special thanks to Thomas and Tommy, because the train with the first times, and helped to knock me in place so I crossed the finish line, for the then, I can not give the same back, I am you and your families in perpetual debt and will attempt to pay a total of little by little. Thanks to Tenna and Linda, to have some great men, beware of them! 

My family, my wife and boys ... ..der is no doubt I have been selfish since 2011 until now, I set a goal for an Ironman in 2013 and had if it went well the target of an extreme at ironman distance. Now these goals has been achieved and I use / have spent a lot of time to train, optimize, make ready, actually when it's really wild, so on the other side of 30 hours a week, if I take it where I coach other people ... .about it eats into the family, I would say no, I'm not there to stir things up, now I train :-) So much time on his sport, tells us little about what a great wife and children I have. About a thank you here is enough, I will say no, they deserve much more. 

What now? 

Yes what now, I have been training people since 2009, to a healthier lifestyle and if I have to see myself in the mirror, it's actually gone really well, even I have trained several people to implement ironman ... .fakta is, I must relax, thinking about myself and my family. Whether I go for Norway still, I do not think I should feel myself after ... .. I have implemented Austria, I've never (READ: NEVER!) Been exposed to so much pain for so long, it did mega hurt on the entire trip so if my body gets ready again I do not know. 

It all leaves me two questions, I squeezed as much again? Will I spend so much time helping others? The question may be, I can not? 

Back to the beginning. 

No, I'm probably not as-go as I wrote in the beginning, back for just over 10 years ago and 55 kg heavier when my wife said to me, "John, you are getting too fat, you should not do something about it? ". Yes, it is she who is the cool, the best, the one no one else can match, think what she should and has been on target for ... ..a great support all the way through, not even an extreme Ironman and the worst ones as Austria Extreme Triathlon is on par with it, thank you! 


Remember, I have not done anything that you would not be able ......... .. you just need to be prepared to move your limits!


Mvh. Jens Gadgaard


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