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Registration 2018

Registration for the Austria eXtreme Triathlon on 23. Juni 2018.

For the 4th Austria eXtreme Triathlon, we adopt a new registration system based on first-come-first-serve!

The registration for the 125 slots is now open. All you need is a credit card (Mastercard, Visa), a photo of yourself (for the Stroßnbuach / Roadbook) and the name of your supporter (person can be changed up to the race, but not the chosen shirt size).

We are looking forward to your registration ..


Minimum age to compete is 18 years – entry fee € 390,-.Euro / Your registration is binding and subject to the Austria eXtreme Triathlon Race Manual (Haundbuach) [german, english, spain, italy, french].



Payment Options: Visa and MasterCard

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