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 Rock Lindner, SLO, #124

Dear Frau Maria, few words about amazing race 2017..........:


The Austria Extreme Triathlon is one of the most memorable experiences I´ve ever had, not only in the sport sense. Once the decision to participate was made, almost a year was dedicated to this big project: running, cycling, swimming, and then running again... I´ve done many triathlons, and autXtri is exceptional in many aspects: extremly high numbers of elevation, extremely beautiful landscape and, above all, extremely nice people. It was a different race- no nervousness, helpful and nice people all the way, friendly athlets. It was tough, but we also had our moments to laugh toghether and even to make new friendships. It was not only about finishing or survival, it was about experiencing the limits of our being, meeting our own boundaries. Definitely large amounts of adrenalin, but also unforgetable emotions. After time, the results, the bad moments, the crisis, they all fade, go away, but what remains of this unique  and memorable adventure are good memories: that I did it, that we all did together. I like the team spirit of this race and am happy to be a part of its 2017 version. Thank you all for making it possible and... maybe we meet again.



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